Tradition of mexican women. El Rebozo is the thread that joins women with the history of Mexico.

El Rebozo is defined as "The blanket that covers women bust", "Textile that covers shoulders". In any case, this is a long and narrow fabric with knotted fringes at each end.






Handcrafted Shawl

We manufacture handcrafted Shawls (Rebozos) and Chalinas made manly of Artisela. Buy this beautiful craftmanship directly from mexican artisans.


Union of Textile Handicraft Cooperative of La Piedad Cavadas, located in Michoacán state, was founded in 1963, comprising 30 artisans workers still use wooden racks to weave Rebozo and Chalina proudly made in Mexico. 



Our handmade textiles are made of artisela and cotton. Are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign clients.


How are manufactured rebozos and shawls?

Difference between Shawl and Chalina  

The difference stems from the manufacturing process:  

The Manufacture process skips "tied" step and textile ends with only one color. 


In the case of handcrafed Shawl or Rebozo, the manufacturing process includes the step of "tied" to generate a single color textile with white spots giving a mottled effect, also known as a slush.


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